When you get a whole lot of university students together and put them in a scenic town and add in the factor of healthy young appetites you are going to inevitably land up with some great eateries. Then add in a healthy dollop of tourist traffic and the result is going to be a destination which caters for a variety of culinary tastes. This is the case with Lawrence in Kansas where all American classic dishes vie with international flavors for the attention of those who want to enjoy great food and a lively atmosphere.

So what are the best dining options that Lawrence has to offer?

Let’s start off with the Free State Brewing Company. Great food with an interesting mixture of favorites ranging from ribs to Mexican style dishes, this restaurant also offers exceptional daily specials. Of course the craft beer selection has something for every taste.

The Burger Stand at the Casbah has one numerous awards and is undoubtedly one of the best burger joints in the United States. Patties made from Kobe style American beef and a fiery haberdasher and cactus jam offering are only a few of the highlights of a visit to this culinary destination.

Merchants is another restaurant that is rapidly gaining a reputation for producing meals that are inspired by local cuisine but exhibit a sense of fun and invention that has patrons coming back for more. Try, for instance the bourbon barbecued Midwestern rabbit and sample some of the enormous selection of beers on tap for an evening of fun and great taste.

For an exceptional taste of European cuisine a visit to the 715 Bistro is highly recommended. The chef trained in Florence and has honed his skills to produce some truly exceptional dishes. The salami that he produces in house is worthy of a visit all by itself. The hand made pastas also tantalize the taste buds while the steaks which are served with Italian flair compliment the other dishes. The Tuscan style pork sausages are also worth a try.

Venturing to the South of the American border and beyond the tastes of Latin America are perfectly presented at La Parilla are simply presented in a way that does not obscure the clean and simple flavors that have made this destination a local favorite. The hosts are happy to mix and match dishes from South America and Mexico and the array of tequilas on offer make any evening into an occasion.

If you are ever in the area of Lawrence – sample the restaurant scene – you’ll be glad that you did.